Bill Herndon

M2M Artist Brand Development from Bill Herndon on Vimeo.

Bill Herndon
President, M2M Studios

Bill Herndon is the Founder and President of ESP/Atlantic Records, M2M Studios and Neon Lion Productions. With more than 15 years of video/multi-media production experience, Mr. Herndon is creating the exciting NYC high-school comedy series WHICH WAY. He also led artist development for MTV's Top Pop Group finalist Las Caprice and launched the career and content development of Atlantic recording artist Bayje. His current projects include brand development for 15-year-old singer/actress Kaela Freeman whose commercial acting success includes national campaigns for Levi's, AT&T, McDonalds, Geico, Domino's Pizza and more. Mr. Herndon combines his extensive experience in content development (Music, Video, TV/Film) with marketing and branding to create commercially viable content.

In addition to managing the business aspects of his companies, Mr. Herndon has developed expertise in creative content creation. He has directed, produced and executive produced music videos, commercials, the short film 20 MILES TO GRACELAND, ALMOST FAMOUS (a reality show pilot) and most recently the High School TV Pilot WHICH WAY. He's also developed cross-promotional initiatives for Coca Cola, JanSport, Best Buy, Jet Blue, Cablevision, Warner Music Group, Foot Locker, Capitol Records, Atlantic Records, Paramount Pictures (Coach Carter), Modell's Sporting Goods, Con Edison, Los Angeles Unified Schools, the San Francisco School District, Chicago Public Schools, ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), BP Shell, NYPD Pizzeria and others.

Mr. Herndon is also responsible for major production and distribution decisions at Pink Castle Pictures, a Los Angeles based studio for next-generation filmed content for audiences of all ages. At Pink Castle Pictures, Mr. Herndon is executive producer and director of JUST LIKE ME, the company's new scripted reality series.

A frequent speaker for artist brand development programs and training workshops, Mr. Herndon graduated with a B.S. in Performing Arts and Communications from State University of New York New Paltz.